Reseach Outline

Cellular Regulation Based on Cell Engineering

I. 細胞由来ナノマテリアル(exosome)を用いた細胞選択的な薬物送達
Development of intracellular delivery systems using cellular nanomaterials
(exosomes) with cell specificity



Developments of (i) targeted delivery based on cellular nanomaterials (exosome) by modification of carrier membranes with address proteins and (ii) cytosolic delivery of encapsulated therapeutic molecules to control cell functions. As future potentials: Immunoreaction-free system, overcoming of problems of current transfer techniques (pathogenic effects, transfection efficiency, cytotoxicity).

II. 細胞治療を指向した人工受容体-リガンドシステムの開発
Cell manipulations using artificial receptor-ligand systems for application to cell therapy



“Cell therapy” is the direct imlantation of functional cells that induce therapeutic effects (e.g., insulin secretion from islet cells) into patients. However, it is difficult to specifically regulate biological functions of implanted cells. In this research project, we aim to create artificial receptors, which are specifically activated by artificial ligands that do not exist in animals.